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We preach Christ crucified

Our weekly Bible studies have begun! We are going to cover 1 Corinthians this semester. We heard that 1 Corinthians focuses on Christ and the cross as a solution to the problems in the church, and in particular, how Paul (the writer of the book) was ministering the crucified Christ to the believers in Corinth: “But we preach Christ crucified...” (1 Cor. 1:23a). What does this mean? We will see in the coming weeks! This week, we didn’t get into any of the chapters, but we spent almost the whole hour getting to know one another by sharing our spiritual experiences and our goals for the Bible study. It was a real treat to hear everyone’s story, and I was really amazed and encouraged by how impactful the Lord has been! I am really excited to continue spending time with everyone in my Bible study and get to know them through studying the Word, getting meals together, going on outings, and eating yummy snacks. :)

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