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#CoCinTX, Day 7 | 3/30/18

We started our morning off today by reading over the morning revival verses and reading portions in small groups. This culminated in a choral send-off for high schoolers heading off to a weekend conference!

One highlight of today’s schedule that I particularly enjoyed was our group “Family Time”. After getting more barbecue for lunch, all participants in the spring break trip were encouraged to reflect on their experiences throughout the trip and highlight any moments that touched them. This was a perfect time to examine what we have seen in the Body this past week, not only in Austin, but also in our earlier stay at Arlington and Plano. Overall, I was struck by the wide scope of what we have seen in Texas, from the strong work on the campuses to the compelling testimonies and atmosphere in the hosting homes.

In addition, we got to experience the home meetings in Austin. It was a great opportunity to fellowship with believers outside of our hospitality in a smaller setting, and a good end to our last full day in Texas. May we all take from this trip at least one experience to apply to our living!

–Andrew K.

Today was a day of Terry Black’s BBQ (beef ribs to die for), sharing/overflow time with Berkeley, kayaking along the river, and meeting with the believers in Austin. Although the time with Berkeley was very fun, the highlight of my day is still my time blending with the brothers and sisters in Austin in the home meeting. An Austin brother took me and another Berkeley brother to the home meeting, picking up four other Austin students along the way. In the car ride to the meeting, I got to know these brothers humanly, seeing how fun and quirky the they were through their jokes and conversations. Then, during the meeting, I got to enjoy the Lord with them in the singing and sharing time. After a couple songs were called, one of the brothers asked us to share with them a song we sing often, so I shared with them the song, “I am a tree”. They in turn, taught us a song they learned from some Russian believers that visited them not long ago. After the singing time, one of the students brought up some questions he had regarding Christianity and the Bible, and one by one we all responded to his questions, building off one another. The night ended with delicious Blue Bell ice cream. Through their warmness in receiving us and the our sharing and enjoying of Christ tonight, I feel like I touched the sweet fellowship and blending in the Body of Christ.

–Caleb K.

Today we got the opportunity to spend the day at Zilker Park, in beautiful weather. After eating delicious Texas barbeque, we got to share with one another our enjoyments during the trip, and then headed off toward the outdoor activity of the day: kayaking!

I’ve been kayaking before, but going through LadyBird Lake was awesome since it was like traveling in the city along the river. Since the weather was so nice, even the unexpected and unwelcome splashing from some other brothers felt refreshing. There were also turtles everywhere, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many out and about before.

At the end of the day, we went to a family’s home for a small group gathering. Again, the food was excellent; I don’t think I’ve really ever been hungry on the trip because of the awesome food provided to us. We sang the song “I’m walking down the road,” and I particularly enjoyed the first stanza:

With the brothers and the sisters, We enjoy Him day by day. It’s so simple and easy, Our worries flee away. Now we’re growing together, As one big family, Abiding in the joy of the Lord.

Praise the Lord, wherever we are, whether in Texas or Berkeley, we can enjoy Him with the brothers and sisters as one big family!

–Tim T.

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