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#CoCinTX, Day 5 | 3/28/18

We started our day off together at the Church in Austin meeting hall, where we enjoyed a few hymns and verses all together with the 25 staff members that help with our sister club, Christian Students on Campus, at UT Austin. We then heard a little bit about the fellowship at UT Austin, specifically about its history and certain things they participate in that help with bringing new people into the club. It was amazing to hear these things because our sister club at UT Austin is very much thriving—their summer events attract 100s of students at a time! Specifically, it was really helpful to hear about certain things they’ve implemented that made a huge difference in their work, and could potentially help us as well! All in all, it was amazing to see a picture of the fellowship in the one Body of Christ. Even though we are on different campuses and come from very different backgrounds, our work and our goal is the same—God’s purpose.

—Ariel L.

This morning and afternoon, we experienced crazy, 360 degree changes in weather—we had heavy rain and thunder all throughout our drive to San Marcos, but around lunchtime, it became really unbearably hot and sunny. Even though the weather was wacky, and even though I was really, really tired in the morning, I had a lot of fun meeting everyone from San Marcos. We spent some time eating lunch with some of the Texas State University students (TSU is in San Marcos) at their cafeteria. The cafeteria was really good, and one of the older members of the club treated all of us to Chick-Fil-A, which was very sweet of him. We all had a great time eating lunch with each other (and enjoying some of the really good barbecue we bought previously).

The highlight of my day, though, was the time after lunch. We went to center of campus, where there was a huge sculpture of two horses, and just spent time singing and enjoying the Lord. I was really touched by how the Lord can be enjoyed no matter where we go, and no matter who we are with. We had a really awesome time of singing with the Texas State University students and San Marcos church members. We also passed out flyers about the Texas State University Christian club and little gospel flyers. The students at TSU were surprisingly very receptive and open—one even prayed to receive the Lord this afternoon! It was all an incredibly sweet and enjoyable time.

—Grace L.

In the evening, we all drove back from San Marcos to have dinner with our hosts’ homes. It was so enjoyable to just come home and talk about our enjoyments from the day with our hospitality! After dinner we drove to the student prayer meeting near campus at the Hampton House. At the prayer meeting, we prayed for the blending of all the visitors from Berkeley, Fullerton, College Station, and Baton Rouge as well as the junior high & high school spring conference this weekend. We had such an enjoyable singing time and it was so refreshing to see how the love of the Lord really knits us together. It was also so sweet to see some of the Austin brothers and sisters and to blend with them in the Body. Praise the Lord for the oneness of the Body!

After the prayer meeting, a bunch of Berkeley and Austin sisters came over for game night at the home where I was staying. We had so much fun just getting to know each other and playing Anomia. I also got to see one of my childhood best friends from Plano who goes to UT and it was so cherishing!

—Belinda P.

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