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#CoCinTX, Day 2 | 3/25/18

Some sisters and I are staying at the sisters house for hospitality right across the UT Arlington campus! We’re here till Tuesday before we head to Austin, and breakfast made by the sisters this morning was definitely Texas size/style. (Mary made HOMEMADE sea salt cream to put in our coffee. It was fantastic coffee.)

It was so sweet to join the prophesying meeting in Arlington. This was a time for everyone to have a chance to speak something of what they enjoyed from the word this week for the building up of the church (1 Cor. 14:3). I was touched by a particular point shared this morning. The subject of this week was: The Vision and Enjoyment of the Meal Offering. “The highest and best humanity, [the humanity of Christ]…was mingled with His divinity.” In the Lord Jesus’ human living, He expressed not His sufferings but resurrection. Though he was a man of sorrows and lived a life of suffering, whenever people saw Him, all they experienced, saw, and felt was the Lord’s resurrection life; a fragrant aroma, the sweet savor which is the frankincense of Christ’s human living on earth. What a fine, balanced humanity! What a perfect, uplifted life. Lord, I want to be You! We have the humanity of Jesus in our spirit. When we enjoy the Lord in the Word, when we’re blending with the saints, this is how we become constituted to the Lord, even becoming a meal offering being saturated and assimilated with the perfect life that satisfies the Father. When we love the Lord and exercise our spirit, we get not only the Lord’s humanity but also his FULL person. Hallelujah!

In Arlington, the believers meet in the morning from 10 am to noon for the prophesying meeting. Then the church meets from 5:30 pm to 7 pm for the Lord’s Table meeting to worship and remember Him. It was so different, new, and enjoyable to meet in this way because in this way, your WHOLE day is sanctified by hanging out with the brothers and sisters (lunch after prophesying meeting, dinner after Table meeting, games/dessert after dinner).

What a wonderful beginning at the start of this spring break trip! I cannot wait for more blending and building with the brothers and sisters in Texas this week.

–Lois W.

I am in Texas for the first time and I think I wouldn’t mind moving here sometime in the future because all the food I have had here is so good and everything is bigger and better. I seriously wouldn’t mind always having a “medium” sized drink at a fast food resturarnt be about the size of my face. Anyway, today we went to a performance at a rodeo stadium called Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show. I think I was blown away as soon as the cowboys started riding into the stadium with their guns and whips and longhorn cattle. After the show, we got to spend more time with the Christians on Campus club members in Texas as we walked around this town (literally called CowTown) and watched a cattle drive going through the middle of the street. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the people here and hearing their experiences and enjoyments of Christ as we watch cowboys lasso baby cattle to the ground.

–Zoe L.

Praise the Lord that meeting with the believers is the greatest joy on earth! After an afternoon at the Forth Worth Stockyards, we returned to Arlington for the evening Lord’s table meeting, where all the brothers and sisters came back together to remember the Lord and partake of Him. It is wonderful to be in the enjoyment of the Lord throughout the day, from the morning prophesying meeting to the Lord’s table this evening. During this time, I freshly appreciated seeing that no matter where we go, we as one Body in the Lord can enjoy Him and be blended together in one accord (1 Cor 12:24). We are able to gain more of the Lord by being with the other believers and feed on each other’s portion of Christ. May the Lord continue to knit us together with His Body throughout our trip! After the table meeting, we had dinner at a local fast food restaurant and got to try Texas toast, which was a first for many of us. We then went back to the homes where are staying, and played some games and enjoyed a wide variety of local Blue Bell ice cream before we went to rest for the day. It was a wonderful day in Texas and I look forward to the days to come.

–Jasmine C.

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