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  • Joe C.

Eating in the Bible

Praise the Lord for the College Conference! This weekend, we saw what it means to eat God, and we feasted on Him. Even from the very beginning in the garden of Eden, the first thing God did for man was place him in front of trees “pleasant to the sight and good for food” (Genesis 2:9), particularly the tree of life so that man would have a way to eat and receive God as life. Now, Christ has come to be our tree of life! We see in John that He is the life, the vine tree, the living bread, and He even declared “he who eats Me, he also shall live because of Me” (John 6:57). We need to eat Christ so that we would live because of Him, that we would have His life. To eat Him is simply to enjoy Him; when we call on His name, spend time with Him in the Word, and fellowship with other believers, we are eating God.

When we eat physical food, it is much healthier to eat regularly throughout the day than to devour whole pizzas at a time. Sometimes when we eat we won’t have much of an appetite, or we may be too tired or busy to make three meals a day. However, although eating is certainly enjoyable, it is also critical for our health. Since we want to stay healthy, we try to make the extra effort to eat even when we don’t want to. This also applies to our spiritual eating; eating God is enjoyable, but even more so it is crucial for our spiritual growth. Even though it may seem easier or more appealing to just gorge on Christ once a week, if we want to be healthy Christians we need to eat Him every day. For me, this conference was like a feast, a gorging of Christ, but I hope that my takeaway would not just be this awesome experience, but a healthier practice of eating Christ daily.

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