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  • Ariel L.

Welcome Dinner

School’s back in session, and Christians on Campus’ events are back too! We had an activity-filled week, meeting new students on and off campus. Last night, we officially kicked off our semester with our Welcome Dinner. It was a sweet time with many new and returning Cal students who were all eager to pursue the Lord and find fellowship in their college years! We had some speaking from one of our staff members, who gave us some alarming yet encouraging statistics about the percentage of college students who keep their faith throughout their four years in university. Though the percentage is slight, I was encouraged just by looking at everyone around me! So many students, all of different years and backgrounds, were still desiring to worship and serve God (Matt. 4:10). After dinner, some of the returning put on an information fair with booths about the different activities our clubs offer! It was great to see the new students going around and signing up at the booths, excited to jump in and be a part of the club.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the dinner, you still have many opportunities to learn about the club! Join us next Wednesday @ 7pm for our Bible Study Kickoff to read the Word and fellowship with other believers.

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