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​You may be thinking,

"What can you learn

interning with a Christian club?"

"Practice these things; be in them, that your progress may be manifest to all."

-1 Tim. 4:15

The Christians on Campus Summer Internship for UC Berkeley students is for the purpose of equipping students to better serve our Lord Jesus. Interns will labor side-by-side with staff members on campus and in the community during the summer, learning invaluable lessons in outreach and shepherding. You will experience the joy of working on a variety of activities that will equip you and build you together with your fellow team members. We pray that Christ will be glorified and His Body will be built up this summer through our service.

This summer our internship will be from August 8-23. Please keep in mind that this is a full-time commitment for the weeks that you sign up.


Some responsibilities of the internship may include:

  • Working in small teams to plan, prepare, and participate in student and community events

  • Developing interpersonal skills through individual and group presentations

  • Using print and online media for effective communication

  • Shepherding new and existing students in appointments and by visitation


(besides the spiritual and otherwise intangible benefits you will receive) may include: free T-shirts, meals, snacks, outings, and other goodies, some of which may be dispensed during the semester, so the earlier you sign up, the more #InternPerks you will receive!

Questions? Contact Larry 510.708.7560

Important Dates

To prepare for the internship, we will be having a series of orientation meetings over the course of the semester. These orientations are mandatory for those who commit to the internship, but are also open to all who want to join us.

Internship Orientation 1: Preaching the Gospel

February 01, 2020


Do you ever feel like talking about Jesus to your friends is the hardest thing in the world? What's the big deal about preaching the gospel?  Come learn about what the Bible says concerning this most basic Christian commission and responsibility. 

Internship Orientation 2: Community

February 22, 2020


Every family needs a home, and the church family likewise needs homes! Learn how to connect with community Christians to find a nest for yourself and for the ones that are under your care. 

Internship Orientation 3: Points of the Common Faith

March 07, 2020


Jude 3 says that we should contend for the faith delivered once for all to all the saints. What are these points of the faith held commonly by all Christians? Come learn what all Christians believe in!


August 08, 2020

The internship this summer will involve primarily planning for the new semester, preparing for Bible studies, fundamental Christian life practices, talking to people, speaking the gospel, and following up with contacts. 

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