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Relying on the Lord for Preaching the Gospel

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Praise the Lord for the Fellowship Night! I was really excited to see many new faces that joined us for our final Fellowship Night for the summer. This not only shows the fruit of our outreach but the grace and blessing of God to work through us to bring more into His Name. The topic this time was preaching the gospel, and I was especially encouraged by the testimonies of brother Kevin. Oftentimes when I preach the gospel I find that I run into trouble with either the people rejecting the gospel or simply turning hostile toward me when I offered to tell them about the Lord. I was able to approach people, but I was rarely able to get beyond that point. Kevin's testimony included stories of his gospel preaching adventures in which he encountered difficult situations but in the end overcame the hindrances and was able to successfully bring people into the church. Not only was Kevin’s experience encouraging to me because there are instances of success, but it also revealed that, to overcome hindrances, we must labor in cooperation with the Lord and not simply by ourselves—for the flesh is weak but the Spirit gives strength and life! I truly appreciate that when we cooperate with the Lord, not only are we freed from the bonds of our flesh, but we also are able to enjoy Him as life and blessing. There is no better deal on this earth, so let us redeem this time and receive His bountiful supply as grace!

- Daniel H.

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