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  • Noah L.

Welcome Dinner!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The new semester is finally here and it couldn’t have had a better start! It was super encouraging to see everyone at the Welcome Dinner— whether they were a returning member or simply curious as to our club’s all about, I feel that everyone who came had an amazing time. Starting off the event, the club provided an awesome dinner cooked by club members. During the dinner, we were all given the opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new people.

Near the end of the dinner, there was a speaking by Jonathan K., one of our club members, on the importance of spiritual companions. One of his main points was how we have an inherent need for spiritual companions. Jonathan concluded his speaking by encouraging everyone to find a spiritual companion to help each other through their Christian life. Following Jonathan’s speaking, students from the club gave their own testimonies on the importance and benefits of having spiritual companions.

The event concluded with dessert and an icebreaker game. All in all, the Welcome Dinner was an amazing time of eating, fellowshipping, and enjoying Christ, giving me high hopes for this semester! I look forward to seeing everyone in future events this semester!

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