All Things Are Now Ready and Responding to God's Need

It's hard to imagine that our all-powerful, almighty, and omnipotent God has a need. His need does not pertain to something physical, nor does it pertain to our working for Him; rather, His need is to give Himself to us so that He can be our life and our everything. Luke 14:17 says, “come, for all things are now ready.” The Lord has prepared a wonderful feast for us, and we simply need to come and enjoy Him! As such, we should stand in the position of consecration by faith, allowing the Lord to take charge in our personal situations. May the Lord enlighten our view to see more of His need and to give ourselves freshly to Him for His purpose! -Stanley T. (Student from Rice University Christia

God's Need is Greater than our Need and The Matter of Consecration

This year our Spring Break Trip was canceled due to the coronavirus situation. Although at first I was a bit disappointed, since this would be my last Spring Break Trip with the club, I was really glad that we were still able to come together to read through the book “God’s Need and God’s Goal” via Zoom during the week. I was part of the 11 am calls, and I found it very sweet to fellowship with a small group of students about this book every day right before lunch. It was a way to stay connected with each other and to encourage each other to continue enjoying the Lord, even while we’re at home! The reading really touched me because it showed me that God has a need and that God’s need is actu

Who is Christ?

This week, we read the latter half of Matthew 22, where Jesus is questioned by the Pharisees, Herodians, and Sadducees, who seek to entrap Jesus by asking him difficult questions. However, much to the Pharisees’ surprise, Jesus asks them a question that teaches them who He really is: He is simultaneously the son of David, as well as the Son of God the Father. As such, Jesus serves as the bridge between us and God, connecting us to God not just through His teachings, but through His actual blood and flesh. For someone who is still relatively new to Christianity like me, this passage of Matthew really speaks to me because it emphasizes just how perfect Jesus is. He is human like us, yet He is

The Bride Reflecting the Bridegroom

I enjoyed the matter of preparing to be Christ's bride this past Fellowship Night. Someone asked during our group time why it matters so much how the bride is dressed. The answer we came up with is that in the past, how the bride was presented reflected the wealth of her groom. In the same way, the church, the bride of the King, must be prepared for her wedding. The way she is dressed must reflect the riches of her Bridegroom, which is why we must prepare ourselves for the Lord's return. To do so, we must buy the oil, so that we reflect the riches of our Bridegroom!

Be Ready!

The Lord has given us the promise of His return! When the Lord comes back, He as the Bridegroom will present the church as the bride to Himself as His counterpart. Just as the bride is looking forward to the wedding day, we also should be eagerly awaiting His return. But, how should we live our life anticipating and waiting for His return? We need to see that every day of us waiting is another day for us to be made ready. We need to be watchful in buying more oil for our vessels and in being faithful in our service to His household. We should not let a single day go to waste, but rather, redeem our time; we should not be drunken by this age, but be filled with the Spirit. The Lord is waiting

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