NACT 2019 (6)

“Have you ever lost something, even forgotten about it, just to find it months later, bringing you unspeakable joy? I certainly have (with just about everything I’ve owned). Actually, this is often our experience. Because of worldly distractions and sin, we lost the Christ that we had in us; in fact, we became slaves of the world, bound by an illegal master. But the jubilee has come, and we have been set free! Not only have we been freed from bondage, we have been returned to our possession and portion— and this portion is God Himself! Additionally, the jubilee is no longer just a once-every-fifty-year thing. It’s something eternal, something that truly satisfies us forever, because it’s God

NACT 2019 (5)

“This is the year—the age—of jubilee, the age of grace! I was impressed again and again during NACT how God doesn’t desire any of our work and self-improvement; all He wants is for us to come to Him and receive Him as our real rest, enjoyment, and cause of shouting! He is the reality of the jubilee and He is available to us right now! All we need to do is receive Him and enjoy Him. Eat God! in His Word as the Spirit! However enjoyable NACT was, it brought me to the realization that my enjoyment of Christ as the reality of the jubilee should not be limited to that one week alone, but as a Christian, I should be one who lives in and enjoys the jubilee day by day, moment by moment. Christians a

NACT 2019 (4)

“Coming to the college training as an incoming freshman I had no idea what to expect, but it exceeded anything that I could have ever imagined! Not only was it amazing being in a room with 2800 people who love the Lord Jesus with their whole being, but I can testify that I experienced the jubilee at this training! There are many things that we may not even realize bind us or keep us from enjoying God as our divine portion (Psalms 16:5), but hallelujah! Christ has redeemed us and restored us back to our portion and our divine family! I also enjoyed Acts 26:18, ‘To open their eyes to turn them from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of s

NACT 2019 (3)

“The college training helped me connect more deeply with the Lord and develop a richer relationship with Him. There can be a lot of distractions in Berkeley, so having this week dedicated just to Him really allowed me to cast aside my doubts and other temptations. Entering the conference, I wasn't even fully convinced of the Lord's existence, but as the week went on I was touched in many ways by the sharing and by my own personal morning times. By Tuesday night, I had decided that I wanted to be baptized and eventually had the chance to be reborn on Friday afternoon. As I hit the icy water, I felt at peace and as I emerged I felt the Lord in me. And it was then that I knew that I had made th

NACT 2019 (2)

“Aside from all the excitement of having really amazing cafeteria food (@ the soft serve ice cream, the MVP of every meal) and being surrounded with 2800 saints who love the Lord, my true highlight from NACT was the realization of how much the Lord simply wants us to enjoy Him. This is literally God’s central thought for man. A few verses that I enjoyed related to this are Colossians 2:6-8a: ‘As therefore you have received the Christ, Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, having been rooted and being built up in Him, and being established in the faith even as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. Beware that no one carries you off as spoil…’ What does this mean? It means that today, there is a

NACT 2019

“This week at the college training was, honestly, the best week of my life. I was able to understand further the basic concepts of the Christian life by just applying the things I learned to my daily living. Whether it was having morning personal time with the Lord or memorizing verses, I was able to truly enjoy the jubilee Jesus by just spending time with Him. One topic that I really enjoyed during this training was that the foundation of the jubilee is the forgiveness of our sins. We learned that Saul was the worst sinner of them all. However, even the Lord Jesus was able to save such a person and even forgive him of his sins. To truly enjoy the jubilee we need to be freed from the bondage

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